You’ve probably heard of people locking their cars while going camping, but did you ever think about locking your tent when camping? While you might not have to worry about your campsite being a target for crime, there are many other reasons to lock up, so we’ve put together the following list of ways you can secure your tent and its contents.


How to use a cable lock on a tent

  • Use a cable lock to secure your tent to a tree or a post.
  • Use a cable lock to secure your tent to your car.
  • Use a cable lock to secure your tent poles together when they’re not in use or have already been fastened into place by their ends, like when you’re setting up the tent on grass and need them out of the way so they don’t get caught in mud or rocks while you’re pitching your shelter.
  • Use a cable lock as an extra measure against theft if you feel too unsafe in certain locations (like those with more wildlife than others), but don’t want to take off all the doors of your home away from home because it would be too difficult for someone else who’s trying stealing something valuable inside!


Zip-tie your zipper pull

Using a zip tie to secure your tent is a great way to protect it from thieves and other campers. The cable lock is not meant for this purpose, and tying it around the leg of your tent will only damage the fabric.

Use a zip tie instead:

  • Cut off the excess length with scissors if you need to.
  • Secure one end of the strip around your zipper pull-handle (the part that opens and closes) on one side of the zipper.
  • Wrap it around so that you are securing both ends on either side of the pull-handle Repeat steps 1-3 on each side!


Roof-rack cable lock

In terms of a vehicle lock, you should use a cable. They are the most versatile and easy to use. You can even get them in a convenient length, so they’re not too long or too short for your trip.

If you’re looking for an alternative to locking your tent down with straps, I recommend using a simple cable lock instead. These are lightweight and easy to use—and if you keep them tucked away in your bag when not in use, they’re also easy to carry!


A padlock or combination lock

The most secure way to lock your tent is with a padlock. Padlocks are available in a variety of sizes and prices, so you can choose the one that fits your needs best. A padlock is more secure than zip-ties, cable locks, or roof-rack locks because they cannot be easily broken by tools or brute force—only someone with the right key can open them.


You can use the following ways to lock your tent when camping

There are several ways to lock your tent when camping:

  • You can use a padlock or combination lock on the zipper of your tent door, or you can zip-tie the pull of your zipper so that it’s not easy to open from the outside.
  • A roof rack cable lock also works well for securing tents because they have an extra-long cable that can be wrapped around multiple poles and tied together with a sturdy knot at the end, creating a loop that is difficult for others to remove without having their own tool for cutting through it (such as bolt cutters).



To sum up, your tent is an investment that you should protect when traveling or camping. Locking the tent helps to ensure that it is not stolen by thieves. Furthermore, lock your gear within the tent with a different locking mechanism.

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